Eto x Jai Black

Abyss Dwellas (Remixed by Isaac Haze)

2022 saw the release of the original and now we're back with a whole new take on it from Isaac Haze. He killed it and we had to let you hear for yourselves. Featuring Dirt Platoon, Rigz, Jahdan Blakkamoore and DJ Rubix.

In Colaboration with:
Divine Matter Records


Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Fictional soundtrack for a fictional story. The story is about the everyday struggle of a group of youngsters trying to survive in a dangerous neighbourhood, searching for riches and glory.


Second Single out of "Eslamano" O.S.T.

I do not own any of this visuals, it belongs to Ankama Animations and Studio 4°C: https://www.mfkzthemovie.com

This is just compilation of scenes from the movie:

The Circle Remixes

Free Digital Download

Remix-Project for "The Circle" by Wally Clark and Eto.


Ten years PANDA!

The complete income has been (and will be) donated to social institutions. Read more @PANDA

MF DOOM - Tribute Remix

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It ’s hard to find the right words, since Doom has been a big inspiration for me. An authentic genius with a complex rhyme style, delivered with love and technical precision.

One of the greatest to ever hold a mic - you are a big loss. Hope you feel this tribute - straight from the heart!

All caps when you spell the name.
Rest In Heaven King!


Trust In Dust!

Record label from Stuttgart, Germany.
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